Overwhelmed by social anxiety, pressures and guilt as restrictions ease?

It was great to chat with @RachaelRyan123 on @98FM #SaturdaySocial about feeling overwhelmed by #SocialAnxiety, pressures and #Guilt as restrictions ease.

5 practical tips to help you come out of lockdown

1. Take it one step at a time – Like going to the gym, it doesn’t have to be all at once!

2. Know the difference between habit and what’s needed now – It’s fine to avoid situations that are actually risky, but not to avoid things you want just out of past habit.

3. Be willing to assert yourself – Sometimes we avoid doing things because we’re afraid we’ll be expected to do more. Share what you’re happy with in a clear, relaxed and positive way.

4. It’s not all or nothing – Even if you still feel concerned, be imaginative and find other ways of meeting some of your needs that might act as a bridge to more in time.

5. Use your lockdown experience – What have you learnt that might actually help you re-engage, but maybe in different ways that before?


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