Irish Independent: the psychology of online gossip

When we communicate with each other, there are certain (often invisible) norms that determine what is and isn’t appropriate. We’ll typically speak differently in a library than on a main street. And often differently to someone’s face than if they’re not there.

When it comes to online communication, it can get even more confusing. What about chatting to friends, about someone you’ve never met, but who you regularly see online, in a public forum, that feels private—and physically doing so from within your own living room?

Online communication is an amazing resource, and the source of so much good. However its use highlights the importance of us choosing the scope and content of our communication deliberately and carefully. We’re relatively new to this, lets get skilled at it!

I talked to the Irish Independent’s Édaein O’Connell about this recently—you can read the full article at the link or via the pictures below:

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