Coronavirus update

Hi, I hope you’re well. As an essential healthcare service: in person sessions are available, as well as phone and video sessions. See full details below.

I’ve  included below some coronavirus / COVID-19 health and wellbeing related updates and resources. I’m here to support you through this and you can find the latest updates here:

Video: How to respond to COVID-19

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1 to 1 sessions [Available in person and remotely]

Our clinic is classified as an essential healthcare service so if you require in person consultation and are not in a vulnerable category, have no COVID-19 diagnosis or symptoms, and are not in contact with someone vulnerable/with a diagnosis/with symptoms- then you can attend upon completing a public health agreement form which will be provided when you book. You will be sent a confirmation email which can be presented as necessary to enable travel to and from the clinic.

Masks are required while in the building and we have comprehensive social/physical distancing and hygiene-focused protocols in place at the clinic in keeping with Government and National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) guidelines to help ensure that your visit is safe as well as comfortable.

If you do not require an in person session, are limited by travel restrictions or if it’s just practically easier you are welcome to attend by phone or video. If you haven’t attended by phone or video call yet: a lot of clients already do so as their preferred way of attending. We have a complete secure system that includes session notes: you need nothing more than your phone, and the format is exactly the same as in person.

If you are affected by any of the risk factors described above then you’re welcome to still attend by video or phone, or get in touch directly to discuss your circumstances and we’ll do our best to support you. For those with health concerns, special needs, working on the frontline, in isolation, minding children etc: I’m happy to be flexible and to improvise. Wellbeing matters now and the show must go on!

If you’re not already booked in, this is a meaningful opportunity to focus on your personal wellbeing: you can complete a free online consultation and arrange your programme here.

Personal guidance

It’s important to be aware of what’s happening and take practical safety steps, however it’s also important not to conflate focusing on something with responding to it. If you had a leaking water pipe in your home you wouldn’t just stare at it: you’d acknowledge it and look at it long enough to understand what’s happening, and then move to positively responding: getting a wrench or calling a plumber.

Similarly, it’s worth being aware—by checking out local media resources, and HSE and WHO guidelines—and then moving to response. Once any practical arrangements are taken care of, turning your attention to health and wellness, and ensuring that you are connecting with those things that make you feel good, will make you feel happier, more resilient and potentially boost your immune system.

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Business/organisational support

The Return to Work Safely Protocol has been issued by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the Health Services Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland.

Section 7C: ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’, states that “employers should put in place support for workers who may be suffering from anxiety or stress” and “should provide workers with information on publicly available sources of support” as well as details of “Employee Assistance Programmes or Occupational Health service”.

We’ll be happy to provide a high quality psychology-based mental health and wellbeing support programme for your business/organisation. We can scale as required, to help make sure your team are well cared for, and to ensure that you are compliant with the requirements of 7C. Visit here to get in touch now.

I’m here if you need anything. Feel free to get in touch directly and do connect on twitter | facebook | instagram | linkedin | soundcloud | youtube.   jfl – Dr John Francis Leader