A Guide To Change

Sometimes change can be easy, other times a little harder, but either way the following tips will help ensure that you are moving steadily in the right direction.

1) Decide that you want to change

This is one of the single most important parts. When you reach that point where you’ve committed to yourself that things will be different it can be amazing the momentum that follows.

2) Clarify what you want to change

You probably have a sense of what the problem is but what is the end goal, and what are the actions that need to be taken to get you to where you want to be?

3) Take immediate action

Now is the perfect time to get started. Sure you mightn’t be able to do everything in any given moment but there’s normally something that you can do and many small steps lead to covering a lot of ground.

4) Get support

We’re not in it alone and support is available from many sources: friends, family, support groups, online resources and the assistance of a skilled therapist are just a few options.

5) Review your progress

If you’re checking in with yourself and noticing how you’re doing you’ll be able to benefit both by seeing what you’re doing well but also by seeing what isn’t working so you can modify your approach.

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