5 Practical tips to get your through Lockdown 3.0 (98FM)

It was great to chat with Rachael Ryan on 98FM #SaturdaySocial about 5 ways to manage yet another lockdown. Sometimes what works the first time doesn’t work as well the third time!

1. Mourning is valid—It’s okay, and actually helpful, to acknowledge the loss of the past year. The key is not to get lost in the feelings.

2. Broaden your perspective—It can feel like it will always be like this. But, just as spring and summer follow winter, this won’t last.

3. Appreciate the winter and use it to prepare for the summer—It would be shame to waste a pandemic! Use this time for the things that are best done now.

4. Create your own certainty—It’s fine to notice what you can’t control, but what can you do? Focus on that instead.

5. Be creative and do it anyway—Sure, you can’t do exactly the thing you had planned, but could you do something else, or do it virtually or using imagination for now?

Listen back via the video above or here: https://www.98fm.com/podcasts/98fms-saturday-social/5-practical-tips-to-get-you-through-lockdown-3-0

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