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We take a flexible and modular approach. If you’re not sure how much support will be needed, you can start by booking a session, where we’ll assess and immediately commence key work. You can then attend advanced work, as needed, at an appropriate pace for you.


bodymindself sessions can be attended flexibly as needed, or at regular intervals for ongoing support. Each session includes:

  • Personal support via video or phone
  • Online platform/app with notes + supports
  • Suitable for individuals or couples

Learn more about the bodymindself approach and Dr John Francis Leader. Choose a duration to book your session:

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The bodymindself programme is a comprehensive personalised experiential intervention. A programme includes:

  • 12 therapy hours of specialised support
  • Attend sessions between weekly and monthly
  • Support process for continuity between sessions

Learn more about the bodymindself approach and Dr John Francis Leader. Choose a format to book your programme:

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Have coverage? We’ll provide you with suitable receipts that may be used for claiming (where eligible) from your private insurer, workplace or tax relief.

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Sessions: Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions should I attend?

Everyone is different and individual sessions can be attended as needed. As a general guide, a brief focused therapy programme typically involves about 4, 8 or 12 therapy hours in addition to home practice. Ongoing support is also available where appropriate for longer term goals. If in doubt, start by booking a single session where we can assess and get started on a plan of action. You can then build on this, in a modular way, at a pace that’s right for you.

Are all sessions virtual?

Yes, sessions are carried out by secure live video link, or over the phone. Research shows that attending this way is just as effective as in person. The added benefits are that distance or accessibility are not an issue and it’s a convenient and environmentally friendly way to attend. You just need a quiet private space and a connection.

How often should I attend?

Like attending physiotherapy, practice between sessions is an important part of the process. The aim is to have sessions close enough together for continuity, while far enough apart to allow for practice in your own time. Typical attendance is somewhere between weekly and monthly.

What is the experience like of attending?

We use a simple but sophisticated virtual system that lets you easily attend using your computer, tablet or phone. Before attending, the platform will help you to choose a time that suits and complete an online intake process.

When you attend by video or phone you’ll be able to talk with your therapist, and—with video—see them and any worksheets live on screen. After the session, your session notes, tools and any multimedia supports will be there for you to easily access on the online support platform.

Would you like personal support in a calming setting? Attend a bodymindself retreat. Sessions (above) are a great way to get support in the midst of day to day life. However, if you’d rather take some time off to attend to focus on your wellbeing in a rejuvenating setting then check out our 1 day & 1 week retreats >