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Retreats combine the best of taking a break and making meaningful change happen. A day retreat is a convenient way to take some time out to focus on a particular issue. A week retreat is for those who want to take a step back and rejuvenate and reset their system in a positive way. Retreats are held in comfortable and inspiring locations and include practical exercises and consultancy throughout as well as mindful recreation and personal downtime.

day retreat

The bodymindself day retreat is a one day in person experience for individuals or couples that provides an opportunity to relax and to create positive change in the topic area of your choice. The day includes:

  • Relax beforehand
  • Morning session (100 minutes)
  • Mindful break
  • Afternoon session (100 minutes)
  • Unwind afterwards

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week retreat

The bodymindself week retreat is a one week in person experience that provides an opportunity for just you, or you and your partner, to relax and to create positive change in your approach throughout your life. The week includes:

  • 7 days in total including arrival + departure days
  • 12 therapy hours of personal support during week
  • Personalised experiential exercises throughout
  • Concierge assistance with accommodation (not included)

Learn more about the bodymindself approach and Dr John Francis Leader. Press the button below to book your retreat:

Have coverage? We’ll provide you with suitable receipts that may be used for claiming (where eligible) from your private insurer, workplace or tax relief.

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Retreats: Frequently Asked Questions

Which retreat should I attend?

There are two retreats available: the one day retreat and the one week retreat. Both retreats take place in a pleasant and supportive setting. However the one day retreat is designed to be easier to access for those with limited time who want to take a day out to focus on a particular topic. The one week retreat invites you to take a week out of your busy life and to take some you time, combining creating positive improvements in your life with relaxation.

Are retreats private?

Yes, bodymindself retreats are entirely private- no other attendees than you (and your partner if you attend as a couple).

Where is the retreat venue?

We have a number of inspiring and luxurious venues that we choose from depending on your availability, our booking schedule and the venue’s availability.

What is/isn’t included?

All aspects of the process are included. This includes personal consultancy and access to relaxation facilities. Not included are accommodation, meals, transfers and any optional extras that the venue offers but that aren’t an essential part of the process. You are welcome to stay at the venue or to make other arrangements and we can help using our concierge service.

What is the experience like of attending?

Attending a bodymindself retreat is a holistic experience: designed to support body, mind and your sense of self. Expert personal consultancy is scheduled alongside physical relaxation, in nature and utilising the venue’s facilities. Mindful breaks and personal downtime are included in the process to ensure you can stretch in positive directions, as well as take time to breathe and be. See the summaries above for more details.

Prefer something else? Attend a bodymindself session. Retreats (above) are a great way to take some time off to attend to focus on your wellbeing in a rejuvenating setting. However, if you’d rather get easily accessible support in the midst of your day to day life then check out private sessions >