retreat preparation guide

We’re looking forward to helping you improve the quality of your life. The short preparation guide below will make sure you’re set up for, and get the most from your upcoming retreat.

In-person retreats

Note: We maintain a high level of sanitisation and ask for your help in maintaining that for everyone’s wellbeing. For full details of the new protocols and how to prepare please read our public health info and complete the agreement form that will be sent to you when you book before attending.


  • The clinic can be accessed by public transport or by car—directions here.
  • If driving, some local parking options are available here.
  • If you have any particular needs re accessibility please let us know in advance of the session and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • It’s good to arrive about 5 minutes before the appointment time. You can ring the buzzer, and then make your way to the waiting room, where you will be called shortly.
  • A public bathroom is available just down the hall from the waiting room.


  • At the session time you’ll be welcomed into the main consultancy room where your session will begin.


  • After your session, arrangements will be made for any ongoing work, and any session notes and reinforcement tools will be sent to you once they are prepared—you’ll receive a notification message.