Experiential Diet: 7 Day Course – Day 1 – Recognising Experiences

Welcome to Day 1 of the Experiential Diet Course! Today’s session focuses on tuning in to your experiential needs. Enjoy putting it into practice and keep an eye on your email for tomorrow’s session.

Just like we need to balance nutrition for health, in the same way we can benefit from balancing our life experiences: having more of some and less of others. This 7 day course walks you through a short focused session each day to help you balance your experiential diet.

To get the most from it’s a good idea to set a few minutes aside each day so that you can give the course materials your full attention. You can either watch the video, or listen to the audio, and feel free to share your experience on social media using #bodymindself.

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Important: Wellbeing is very individual, and what fits well for one person may not for someone else. The ideas explored here are for informational use only. Always first contact a specialist for personalised assessment and advice.