The Therapy Of Tomorrow initiative: let’s crowdsource therapy using multimedia

The Therapy Of Tomorrow initiative – Let’s crowdsource therapy: using film, television, games, music, the internet, books + other media

There was once a time when there were ‘celebrities’ and ‘regular people’, those in the media and those who just watched it, and those who were therapists and everyone else.

Times have changed! Now we all have the opportunity to be in the spotlight, we all get to create and share media, and we all have the capacity to impact the thoughts, feelings and actions of others.

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The Therapy Of Tomorrow initiative is about recognising that the therapy room is not the only place where behavioural change happens. It has two simple goals: to encourage us ALL to…

  1. Recognise how we are affected by film, television, music, games, the internet, books, thoughts + other media
  2. Maintain a balanced experiential diet for ourselves and others embracing the positive effects of the right content

Over time, as part of a research project in the Cognitive Science Programme in University College Dublin, it is intended to compile some or all of these resources together so that they may be accessed easily and used for both formal and informal therapy.

You can help today by (a) signing the petition, (b) joining the Therapy Of Tomorrow facebook group and (c) sharing this message, the petition and group with your circle.

In addition to the above…

  • If you are a CREATOR, we ask you to consider making your content ‘cognitively ergonomic’ so that it brings about positive impact in the thoughts, feelings and actions of others
  • If you are in the MEDIA and responsible for content distribution we ask you to be mindful of your programming schedule’s impact on wellbeing, maintaining a balanced experiential diet for your audience much as a good canteen would balance nutrition with appeal
  • If you are a medical/wellbeing PRACTITIONER we ask you to consider thoughtfully incorporating positive media into your practice

The chances are that you or someone you know has benefitted from, or could benefit from, therapeutic support but all too often the right support can be hard to find or there can be long waiting lists.

This initiative will not replace the need for traditional therapy but will supplement it: if we can ease the burden even a little bit through the use of existing multimedia channels then we have so much to gain.

To sign the Therapy Of Tomorrow petition please visit:

Thank you for being part of the Therapy Of Tomorrow initiative!