Stress relief

STRESS stress STRESS stress STRESS stress…

Stress, if you think about it, is an engineering term.

Stress is created by pressure being concentrated against a particular point. The different solutions that are used to make sure this doesn’t cause problems when building are very similar to the options available to you when managing stress in your own day to day life. They include:

  • Reduce the load

No doubt you are a very capable person but could you take on 5% more than what you’re already doing? What about 10% more? Could you do twice what you’re already doing? We all have a cut-off point where we have to be realistic and take on less. The question is have you already passed that point- if so then consider prioritising what’s most important.

  • Distribute the force

Did you know that the heel of a stiletto shoe exerts more force than the foot of an elephant? That’s because it’s all concentrated in a small area. The same happens with stress in life and a good solution, if you can’t reduce the load, is to spread it out. This can be done by finding better ways of getting things done: for example have a simple list each day of what needs to get done in order of importance rather than trying to remember. Support from others can also make a huge difference: many people will be happy to help you and you could consider helping them with things they find difficult but you find easy in return as we all have different strengths.

  • Release the pressure

Even if you do your best to avoid taking on more than you should, and get as much support as possible, it’s normal to still get a bit stressed from time to time. You could say that everyone gets stressed sometimes, but the difference is that people who are relaxed know this and remember to let it go and release that stress so that it doesn’t build up and become a problem. Physical activity makes a huge difference, even just a little bit each day, and other relaxing options include taking a bath, spending time in nature, doing art, time with animals and meeting friends. Also recommended are mindfulness, meditation and hypnotherapy as pleasant ways of bringing yourself back into the present moment and letting go of any tension.