A key is a small object that let’s you access something much bigger. Likewise, a therapeutic key is something small that you can use to draw on the extensive work that you completed during your therapeutic process. You don’t need to, nor are you expected to, remember it all on a conscious level—but your key is a useful way to reconnect back with the essence of what you took from the process.

Action: Take a moment to reflect on what stands out for you as the most important realisation you had during the process of attending. It may be a particular example or metaphor, a principle covered in a given part of the programme, a technique or a given exercise. It might be something that was never even put into words, but that just surfaced for you. There may be many things that come to mind, but choose one central point as your key. Note it down, so that you can look at it occasionally as a way or reconnecting with the depth of learning that you achieved.