Applied Therapeutic Experiences

In our experiential learning therapy programmes we recognise that it often takes more than just knowledge - it takes an experience - for change to be meaningfully embedded. If you've reached the point of knowing that you're ready to think, feel and act differently then we'll be happy to help you make that a reality.



- 1 hour of 1 to 1 time 
- completely open format 
- topic focus of your choice 
- guidance for after the session 

Attendance Options 
[In Person]
[By Phone]
[Video Call] 



- 4 hours of 1 to 1 time 
- 15 hours self-guided 
- audio reinforcement 
- unlimited email support 

Duration Options 
[1 Month Traditional] 
[1 Day Intensive]
[4 Months Extended] 


Full Course

- 12 hours of 1 to 1 time 
- 45 hours self-guided 
- comprehensive process 
- all module benefits 

Duration Options 
[3 Months Traditional] 
[1 Week Intensive] 
[1 Year Extended] 

There are different durations of Experience: Sessions are appropriate for an immediate focus on a specific topic. Modules are designed around in-depth and continued progress. The Full Course takes a comprehensive whole life overview and is a good match when multiple topic areas need attention.

Don't know whether you need a session, a module or a full course? It doesn't matter: the process is designed to be seamless so that a single session can become a module and a module can become a full course. This means that you focus on improving the quality of your life and the process will fit flexibly around your needs.

We're here to help: if you know what option is right for you then you can book online right now. If not then click here for a Free Online Consultation where we'll give you some complimentary friendly and professional advice.

Change through experience. Why not start today?