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If you have a specific problem that you want to be free of then click Solving Problems. If you're more interested in ongoing personal development then click Peak Performance.

If you're a therapist or health practitioner then click Consultant Training. If you represent an organisation then click here.

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- The Autumn schedule of ABCs of Success™ workshops in Dublin City Centre is now live...

- City Channel invite John Francis Leader to explain how hypnosis actually works: see the 10 minute feature right here...

- The Irish Independent's John Meagher comes to see John Francis Leader with a fear of spiders...

- Dublin's 98 Radio interviews John Francis Leader to find out what, exactly, is hypnosis and how it really works...

- Not sure what programme is right for you? Try our new free online consultation service for friendly personal advice...

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-Solving Problems: Do you have a problem that you want gone?
Solving Problems
If you're primarily focused on eliminating a problem from your life then click here to discover how you can develop your health, personal control and self-esteem - Learn More >
-Peak Performance: Want to do what you do even better?
Peak Performance
If you want to be better at what you do and enhance your abilities to achieve goals, balance your life and communicate then advanced psychological coaching is just for you - Learn More >
-Consultant Training: Do you want to help others succeed?
Consultant Training
You help others succeed - we help you succeed. Training and advanced psychological coaching is available so you can be personally successful and build a thriving practice - Learn More >
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